Bring the World to Your Home: 4 Unique Celebration Ideas

The year 2020 saw a world full of restrictions in mobility. People weren’t able to go outside their respective countries because of the pandemic. COVID-19 has greatly affected tourism, and the world is recovering even now.

There are still countries that are in limbo because of a more threatening COVID-19 variant. On the other hand, some have already opened their doors for tourists. But along with these openings are tedious quarantine protocols. This is why some people just delay their travel plans until the world has fully recovered.

If you wish to travel but are still hesitant because of the ongoing chaos, we have your back. Why not hold gatherings at home that celebrates different cultures around the world? Try these celebration ideas and quench your thirst for world travel.

Tropical Beach Party

When you think of tropical parties, you’d exactly know what the vibe is. Light up your next pool party with a Mardi Gras-themed celebration. Whether it’s your bridal shower or just a simple get-together, make it hotter by bringing Brazil into your backyard. You can also interpolate elements of the beaches in Bali or Boracay into your pool area. Give it a friendly summery vibe by adding tropical plants. Hawaii may be a little far away. But that should not stop you from holding a hula-themed birthday party. Fill your menus with tropical fruits. Grill some chicken satay that you can eat with rice. There are just a lot of tropical party ideas to choose from. You just have to know how to execute the theme flawlessly to exude the vibe. Now, you don’t have to travel just to feel the scorching heat of the beaches. You can bring the tropical heat to your home while partying safely.

Lunar New Year

Lunar new year activities are the most fun. Embrace the Chinese culture with a bit of help from the internet. Or better, you can celebrate it with someone who is an expert on the traditions attached to the holiday. But to give you a gist of what to expect during a Lunar New Year celebration at home, here are some of them. Chinese usually like to clean their houses during this season to drive away bad luck. Reunions and dinners are filled with scrumptious Chinese cuisines like dumplings and buns. Fish should also be served as a tradition. Giving money in red envelopes is also very common. If you missed going to your hometown to celebrate Lunar New Year, this is your chance to relive the moment. Revisit the traditions with your family and attract luck by celebrating the Lunar New Year at home.

Beer Fest

This beverage will never go out of style. In celebration of beer fests around the world, enjoy different foreign beer brands. You can buy some that are German-made so that you can feel the spirit of Oktoberfest in Munich. UK beers are the best to emulate the Great British Beer Festival. To make it more challenging, brew your beer at home. Use Australian Galaxy hops and give your beer a distinct kick. Now, you can celebrate Beerfest Australia without going to the Land Down Under. Recreate Mondial de la Biere or Brussels Beer Weekend in the comfort of your own home. The most important thing to remember is you have to drink moderately.

Music Festivals

Music festivals are one of the most crowd-attracting events in the world. Tourists flock to cities where famous music festivals are being held annually. Some of them are already making their respective comebacks. However, some festival-goers are still hesitant to watch their favorite artists live. This is still because of the risks of contracting the virus. If you’re also reluctant to go to music festivals, you can stream them at home. Coachella and Pitchfork Music Festivals are streaming some sessions on YouTube. Watch them while enjoying your typical festival getup. You don’t have to go to Japan for now to enjoy Fuji Rock Festival. They do live streaming too. Ultra Music Festival playlists are also available on music streaming services. Blast your speakers with the latest EDM hits and bring the rave to your house. You’re never going to get a shortage of ideas if you want to celebrate music festivals at home.

Traveling may be restricted for now in some countries. Meanwhile, some still have very tight quarantine protocols for foreign travelers. But these obstacles should not hinder you from enjoying different foreign cultures. You can celebrate these traditions around the world while staying in your country. Bring them to your home, and make them a part of your next celebrations while waiting for the world to reopen completely.

By Brooke Verlini

Brooke has been a connoisseur of back roads and obscure places since she was a girl. Growing up in a small working farm, she knew at a young age that there was so much to see and understand about the world. Since she left home at 17, she’s been gallivanting around the world. She’s a go-to resource for fearless Euro travel and extreme budget adventures. Her colorful experiences moving from one country to another with only time to spare will surely inspire you to leave the rat race and chase your backpacking dreams.

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