Fear of Flying? You Can Still Travel!

For those of us who travel frequently, boarding a plane isn’t all that much different to boarding a bus. Once you’ve done it a few times and know the procedure, it becomes second nature, and you don’t worry about the journey any more than you would be getting into a car. However, for some people, they simply aren’t able to shake their fear of flying, and this phobia can be a real issue. It can be enough to put people off travel for good and means they’re never able to visit the incredible foreign lands that they once dreamed of. 

Go on a cruise

If you want to travel abroad but don’t like the idea of flying, a cruise ship is your perfect option. Not only is it a fun and luxurious way to travel but you get to see multiple destinations on one trip. You can enjoy all of the amenities of the boat and can move around freely (unlike on a plane) so you hardly even feel like you’re on a journey. You can find good deals when it comes to prices too, check out these cruises from Southampton for example. You don’t need to miss out on exploring interesting new countries!

Consider a train holiday

Rail holidays are something a little bit different, they’re a great way to get around and explore huge areas on one journey. If you’re in the UK, a rail holiday can take you all the way to Europe through the channel tunnel. Otherwise, you can explore incredible continents like America and Asia using the rail systems. Proper rail holidays will have compartments to sleep in, otherwise, you could use regular trains making stops at hotels and motels. 

Book a coach

An alternative to a rail holiday (and often a lot cheaper) is a coach holiday. Coaches can be booked without spending a lot of money and can get you pretty much wherever you want to go. Again, if you’re in the UK or Europe you can explore these destinations without having to get on a plane since coaches can use the channel tunnel.

Go on a road trip

Road trips are great because you’re completely in control. Unlike a cruise, coach or rail holiday where you’re on a set route, you can go in whatever direction you want. You can change route or adjust your timings, you can change your mind completely if you want to. You could use your own car, or hire a really cool car to drive. You could hire a campervan or RV and you have accommodation and a vehicle in one, and can stay wherever you want along the way (providing it’s safe and legal).


Featured image by Oliver Sjöström from Pexels