Should I Fly Commercial or Private?

That is the question: should I fly with a commercial airline or on a private jet? This article will explore the advantages of the different types of air travel to determine which one might be best for you. Whether you are looking to fly as a businessperson, a family, a sports team, or for an event connected with a wedding.

Advantages of Commercial Airline Travel

Air travel, in general, is considered a quicker method of travel and less prone to accident. Long-range destinations are possible that are not possible on other forms of transport. Travellers can make it to many domestic destinations within hours of departure. Even international travel will take less than a day. The planes can travel long distances without refuelling.

Advantages of Private Jet Charter

The benefits of private jet travel are known to be client retention, improved productivity, and cost savings. Valuable time can be saved in relation to their use by top executives. This unique travel option can come with extra advantages that help further a business’s objectives. Chartering a plane intended for a small group of people can, from a business perspective, show that you are thinking of your passengers needs and comforts. In terms of hospitality and flexibility, it is hard to consider its alternative. Another advantage is that the queues in the airport, delayed planes, and baggage delays can be avoided. Private jet travel can take away a lot of the stress that is often associated with air travel, that we tolerate to make it an available option to us. Private jets can travel up to 1,500 miles, which equates to travelling to major destinations in the US, for example, without the need to refuel.

Advantages of a Small Jet

An advantage many may not think of in terms of travelling on a small jet is that they fly higher than the larger commercial jets, which typically cruise at 35,000 feet. There is, of course, a reason for this that does not relate to the view obtained – it puts them above the other densely populated air traffic. This means that bad weather can be avoided which occurs lower in the skies. The knock-on effect of this is then that flights are less likely to be delayed because of any bad weather, and a less turbulent flight can be had by all.

For a further advantage of the private jet, you might consider Jetpooling.

To consider the advantages together,  it is evident that private jet travel can take away the problems that are associated with commercial airline travel, such as problems at the airport and bad weather conditions, but still allow us to reach our destination quicker than other forms of transport. Private jets can even work out the most cost-effective option when possible scenarios such as flight delays and lost luggage situations are factored in.

So, then, what if you want to travel in a large group, such as with a hen or stage party, as a football team? Well, there is a solution for this with private jets, too. A larger jet can be chartered where more seats are available. As a guide, a medium jet with a range of 1000-3000 miles can carry up to 9 passengers, a long range jet capable of 5000 miles plus, up to 58 passengers, a regional airliner with a range of 2000 miles, up to 150 passengers, and the larger airlines travelling 1000-9000 miles, up to 500 passengers. An Airbus A380-800 is certified to carry up to 853 passengers – 538 on its main deck, and a further 315 on its upper. It all depends how many passengers you are comfortable travelling with and the range of miles that you want to fly without refuelling. With advancements in private jets, however, higher ranges and passenger numbers can be achieved, more than ever making it the considered option for air travel.