Where To Go For Educational Travel

It’s common knowledge that travel can be extremely educational; it can teach people how to look after themselves, expand their horizons, and ultimately get to know themselves. However, if you’re after a different kind of learning experience, a real educational experience that you cannot get from school, books, or TV, then incorporating certain places into the destinations you travel to or plan to go to in your lifetime is a must. If you are one of those people who make it a point never to stop learning then next time you have some time off, use it wisely and some education to your travels by going to one of the following:

The Great Wall Of China

If you want an insight into a foreign culture and a chance to observe the evolution of the Chinese people and; expand your cultural awareness, then exploring the architecture and history of The Great Wall Of China Is a must. Few structures on earth can evoke the same sense of wonder than the imposing Great Wall of China. Built over 2,000 years ago, it stretches for some 5,000 kilometers across a timeless landscape. Not only will you get to learn about an ancient culture and how it developed into the modern world, but you will also be surrounded by stunning scenery and can make it into a hiking holiday. It doesn’t just stop with The Great Wall either, the great wonders in China include Beijing’s imposing Forbidden City and Xi’an’s mystical Terracotta Warriors which date back thousands of years and when your head is full from all of this you can top your trip off with a feast of incredibly varied food, from spicy Sichuan to southern stir-fries.


You will no doubt have second thoughts before you go on an Auschwitz tour and wonder if you’re doing the right thing. Of course, the trip is going to envoke anger and sadness, so will you want to experience that? Auschwitz has become a must-see on the bucket-list of visitors to Krakow, and many people go to Auschwitz just for the sake of saying they have been there instead of doing it to learn about the atrocities took place here. There are several organized tours and countless numbers of tourists who go and visit the concentration camps, and while many of them will never go back, they will tell you that it is something that you must do. There is no better way to learn about what happened, and no books or films could make you feel the same as visiting the place itself. 


Visiting Pompeii is like going back in time: the town and the bodies of its inhabitants were preserved so well by volcanic ash in 79AD that is it almost as it was on 24 August when the volcano erupted. Even the graffiti on the streets is  still intact. This is an educational experience, unlike no other, and will give you the most significant insight you could have to that year and what happened.

By Bonnie Rush

Bonnie is always on the road with some amazing adventures ahead. Her favorite continent is South America and she’s passionate about culture-focused traveling and ethical and sustainable tourism. During her time in university as a research assistant for a sociology professor, she realized she can’t fully understand cultures from a safe distance. She quit her job to become a full-time “voluntourist,” which brings her to places where she can immerse in local communities and support their causes. On top of writing, one of Bonnie’s priorities is offering women advice on how to stay safe while solo backpacking.

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