Where to Go to Heal Your Broken Heart

  • Traveling can help you heal from a broken heart by providing perspective, getting out of your comfort zone, and reflecting on what went wrong. 
  • Colombia, Big Sur (California), the Scottish Highlands, Tokyo, and Amsterdam are all great destinations for those looking to heal their broken hearts.
  • Each destination offers something unique but with the same goal of helping you heal and feel better.

Breakups are never easy, but sometimes a little time away can help you regain your strength and perspective. Whether you’re looking for a place to be alone or somewhere that encourages adventure and exploration, there are plenty of great destinations for heartbroken people who need time to heal. This article will explore five top destinations for people looking to heal a broken heart.

Why Traveling is Good for Your Heart

Getting away from your everyday life and immersing yourself in a new experience can help you rediscover yourself and process the emotions of your breakup. Here are some reasons why traveling is suitable for a broken heart.

Gain Perspective

Traveling helps give you perspective on your current situation and allows you to gain clarity on how best to move forward. When we’re stuck in our heads, all we can see are our thoughts and feelings, making it hard to find solutions that will truly benefit us.

Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

When going through tough times, it’s easy to get into bad habits like overindulging in unhealthy foods, engaging in destructive behavior like drinking too much, or staying out late when we need self-care. Getting out of our comfort zone forces us to take care of ourselves by being mindful of things such as eating healthy food and getting enough sleep to make the most of our trip.

Reflect On What Went Wrong

Sometimes it takes distance from a relationship for us to gain insight into why it didn’t work out, which can be helpful when trying to avoid making the same mistakes again in future relationships. Taking time away from all distractions allows us to reflect more deeply on what went wrong and how we could have done things differently if given a second chance.

Destinations to Heal Your Heart

Many places in the world can help mend a broken heart. While each of these destinations offers something unique, they all share the same goal of helping you heal and feel better.


Colombia is an excellent destination for those looking to immerse themselves in a vibrant culture. The country is full of friendly people and breathtaking natural beauty, making it the perfect place to relax and explore. If you haven’t been there yet, here are some travel tips for visiting Colombia:

  1. Visit the famous historical sites, like the ruins of Ciudad Perdida, Cartagena’s walled city, and San Agustín Archaeological Park.
  2. Take a salsa dancing class in Bogotá or Medellin
  3. Go whale watching off the coast of Bahía Solano
  4. Explore the Amazon rainforest

Big Sur, California

With its stunning ocean views, rugged cliffs, and lush forests, Big Sur is the perfect spot to spend quality time with yourself. Take a hike through the redwood forests or spend some time at one of the nearby beaches—both will provide ample opportunity for reflection and healing. There are also plenty of hot springs in the area if you want something more relaxing.

The Scottish Highlands

If you’re looking for an escape from your everyday life and want to explore nature while doing so, Scotland’s ruggedly beautiful highlands offer a perfect solution. Whether you go hiking or participate in one of Scotland’s many outdoor activities, such as kayaking or golfing, you will find plenty of opportunities to enjoy yourself and forget your troubles for a while.

Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo is an excellent destination if you need to take your mind off things but still want access to city life comforts like good food and nightlife scenes when required. Here, you can explore bustling street shops selling souvenirs and trendy clothes while enjoying traditional dishes like ramen noodles or sushi (or both!).

Plus, there’s always something new happening in Tokyo – between events like street performances or festivals – making it easy to keep distracted during this challenging period.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Famous for its tulip fields (and coffee shops!), Amsterdam offers plenty of relaxation and excitement depending on what kind of mood you’re in at any given moment. Spend some time wandering through cobblestone streets lined with colorful buildings before stopping by one of Amsterdam’s many museums – Anne Frank House is perhaps the most famous – or exploring nearby parks such as Vondelpark, where visitors can relax with friends over beers in summertime bars set up within its boundaries!

Heartbreak is never easy, but taking time away can often help us process our emotions more fully before returning home refreshed and ready to start anew! Whether relaxing at a beachside resort or exploring new cultures abroad – these five destinations offer something special for everyone looking to escape their heartache! So why not book yourself a ticket now? You’ll be glad that you did!

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