3 Reasons Why You Should Do a Bit of Adventure Travel

As we all know, the world is an amazing place, and there’s a whole lot of adventure to be had out there. Any kind of travel experience has the potential to be powerful and uplifting, whether it entails checking out some great cultural landmarks from the past, or just being in a different setting to your usual one, and getting a new perspective on things.

That being said, if you’ve never done an “adventure vacation” before, or even considered it, you should really think about giving it a shot.

There are many different forms of adventure vacation, but the common theme is that they take you out of your comfort zone, generally, get you sweating, and put you through some kind of experience that is radically different from what the ordinary holidaymaker will experience.

Your options for an adventure travel trip are going to be virtually limitless, and there are many things to take into consideration. For example, if you’re interested in speed-hiking around the Yorkshire Dales, you might be wondering how long is the Yorkshire Three Peaks Challenge?

That being said, though, here are some reasons why the experience is likely to be worth it.

It’s only when we step out of our comfort zones and do difficult things that we really come face-to-face with ourselves

When you’re going through your everyday routine, and your comfortable everyday environment, you’re not going to have much motivation or cause to really confront yourself and shape the kind of person you are on a deep level.


Generally speaking, we only “come face-to-face with ourselves” when things get difficult, and when our own internal resistance rises.

An adventure travel outing can certainly make you uncomfortable and can help you to grow in various ways.

Great stories tend to be written by people who are willing to put themselves in situations that most people will avoid

We all love good stories, and want to be the kind of people who have good stories to share.

The thing is, the best stories tend to be written by people who are willing to put themselves in positions that most other people will avoid – and it’s specifically the novelty of those experiences that makes them interesting.

florence italy


If you were to visit a Renaissance city, that would be a memorable and interesting experience. But it would be far more memorable, far less unusual, and perhaps far more interesting to tell your friends and family story that they’d never heard before, instead.

On some level, everyone wants a bit of adventure – these kinds of trips fulfill that basic need

Everyone craves a bit of adventure on some level – that seems to be a fundamental part of the human condition.

Of course, you can always live that “adventure” vicariously, through film and TV, or video games, but that’s missing the point on some level.

Or, you could try and get your yearning for an adventure filled by risking your life doing stupid things. But that’s not a winning strategy.

Exposing yourself to challenge and excitement, in a controlled manner, is a much better way to go about things.