4 Things That Make Brisbane The Quintessential Australian City

There are many reasons why a trip to Australia appeals to adventurous holidaymakers all over the world. First off, and most obvious is the incredible weather that is at its warmest when the rest of the world is digging out its thermal underwear. There’s also the incredible and unique ecosystem with stunning plant and animal life that can’t be seen anywhere else on Earth. Then, of course, there’s the beaches. Oh, and who can forget the food! And the wine? Oh my goodness. You simply haven’t lived until you’ve visited an Aussie winery (although their Kiwi neighbours are no slouches either). Then, of course, there’s the welcome you can expect. Australians have a reputation for being some of the most friendly and unpretentious people on the planet, and their welcome is about as warm as the sunshine.

Still, since it boasts so many wonderful cities, it can be hard to know where to choose for an Australian holiday. There are the obvious candidates like Sydney or Canberra, and there are super cool cities like Melbourne or Perth. But Brisbane is an overlooked yet quintessentially Australian city that offers everything you could want from a trip down under. Let’s take a look…

Hang out with koalas in their natural habitat

Is there any furry critter more quintessentially Australian than the lovable koala? We don’t think so. And when you visit Brisbane you can spend some time with them in their natural habitat. At Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary you can enjoy spending time with koalas without bars and cages. Built in 1927, the sanctuary is the first (and still the largest) of its kind.

The cuddly marsupials are not caged or kept behind bars. They’re free to enjoy their home country’s unique ecosystem free from fear of deforestation or mistreatment at human hands. Visitors can simply wander the stunning grounds and watch the koalas go about their lives. Or, for a small donation, you can handle and pet them.

Cruise the river for a view of the city like no other

Because of the challenges of the Australian ecosystem, many of the country’s formative towns and cities were established by the coast. Hence, there’s something quintessentially Australian about seeing her cities from the water. Many major cities in Australia offer some sort of river cruises and Brisbane’s do not disappoint. Some of the best partying in the city is done off Moreton Bay! Check out https://eventcruises.com.au/occasions/brisbane-riverfire/. Fully crewed and including catering and drink packages, they offer a view of the city that’s not to be missed.

Get a stunning view of the city from Kangaroo Point

Who says you need to go to Sydney for an epic bridge climb? Make your way to the cliffs at Kangaroo Point and you’ll find an opportunity to cross the famous Story Bridge as well as rock climbing and more picnic space than you can shake a gingham blanket at.

Enjoy some snacks and a bottle of wine as you imbibe a stunning view of the city’s dramatic skyline.

See the universe from Mount Coot-tha

If you like your views even grander, check out the Sir Thomas Brisbane planetarium at Mount Coot-tha. From here you can see the universe… or if you’d prefer to simply wander amongst Australia’s stunning plant life, Coot-tha is also home to the city’s stunning Botanic Gardens.

These are just a handful of things that help to make Brisbane the quintessential Australian city!