4 Things To Do In Egypt

If you are a great lover of history, one country that is no doubt central in your travel bucket list is Egpyt. With a history dating back thousands of years, there is nowhere on earth quite like it. Where ancient civilizations meet the modern hustle and bustle, you will never be bored, and your amazement will barely cease. 

Well known for the fascinating ruins and tombs that define the country and it’s landscape, the country also offers some beautiful beaches, relaxing resorts, and the opportunity to cruise the Nile and take in this breathtaking country at a more leisurely pace. 

Take A Tour

One of the best ways for you to see this amazing country will be on one of the many informative Egypt tours. You’ll get a running commentary on everything that you see, with lots of in-depth information that you may very well miss out on if you are going it alone. 

It can be very overwhelming sometimes to go to a country where there is so much to take in. Having a guide there with you will make sure that you don’t miss a beat, and you can soak in all of the fascinating facts that will inspire you and help you fall deeply in love with Egypt. 

Visit the Pyramids

The pyramids of Giza are the only remaining ancient wonder of the world. Visiting these is a once in a lifetime experience that should not be turned away. Many of these amazing structures were built around about 2500 BC, during a period of around 80 years. Built during the flood season, they were not worked on by slaves, as many believe. Out of work, farmers would come and help when they were unable to work in their fields. Some may say that this was the worlds first organized form of unemployment support

Of course, if you are visiting the Pyramids, you should be sure that you do not miss the Sphynx. Built for the Pharoah Khafre, this sculpture has the body of a lion and the face of a human. Experts believe its nose was cut off intentionally between the third and tenth centuries.  

The Valley Of the Kings

The famous royal burial grounds were first built around 2000 BC, however, really came into prominence around 1500 BC. There are a total of 63 different tombs across the Valley of the Kings, some have a single pit excavated beneath them. Others are much larger, with the biggest at 120 chambers. 

The Egyptian Museum 

Why not take a trip to Cairo and visit the Egyptian Museum? Here you will find some of the amazing treasures that have been unearthed throughout the years. There is an ever-growing collection of over 100,000 different items that have come from a range of sources. You can see Tutankumuns treasures, amongst many others. Many of the artifacts have started to be moved over to the soon to open $795 million Grand Egyptian Museum, which has been in construction since 2012.