7 Reasons Why Travelling Is Good For You

When it comes to travel, everyone should be doing it. That doesn’t mean going to the same holiday location every year because it’s merely somewhere familiar. Travelling and seeing what the world has to offer is good for you in a number of ways and here are seven reasons why it will do you a world of good – pun intended.

It Gives You Life Experiences

When travelling, many of us will find package holidays, lounging by the pool and enjoying an all-inclusive option, a great idea. And why not? Many of us will spend our time working hard and of course, all you may want to do when you go on holiday is to put your feet up. However, you shouldn’t deny yourself those other adventures, and you should be trying different countries and cultures. Travelling gives you life experiences that you just won’t get from the comfort of somewhere you go to every year. It’s about plunging yourself into the unknown and trying something new. By exploring new territory, it’ll open your eyes, and you may find yourself doing something you never expected to do before.

We live in a very big world, and no one will get to explore every single bit of it in their lifetime, but you can certainly give it a good go. These life experiences that you get along the way, will help you grow more as a person and give a never-ending supply of adventure stories that you can tell your jealous friends and family members back home.

It Helps You Find Who You Are

There are many points in life where you go on a self-discovery. That’s because we’re always changing and things are always changing around us. By going on regular trips and exploring new ways of living, it helps you find out who you are as an individual, what you stand for and most importantly, what you want from life. That’s why many of the younger generations tend to take a gap year and go travelling. It’s the perfect opportunity to do so because they have no responsibilities or commitments. It may also be the only lengthy amount of time where you can take a whole year to travel. When you reach adulthood and get a job, these luxuries of time and money end up fading out of sight. However, the point is that travel builds you as an individual, and it gives you the opportunity to make decisions on your own, whether you travel solo or with a company.



Travelling can sometimes also be needed when you’ve lost who you are. Many of us can have a mid-life crisis at multiple points in our lives where we fear we’ve missed out on something. Literally escaping from your current life and just taking a few days away to think and reset the batteries is sometimes need more than we know.

Travel Helps To Build Connections

We often forget that we’re not just one society. We’re made up of multiple ones across the world and how we interact, think and live are different and sometimes the polar opposite of one another. Travel helps to build connections not just on a personal level, but it also helps create an understanding of how other societies live. The cost of travel is certainly a lot easier when you know people who live there, and one thing that travel offers is the opportunity to craft friendships across the world. These connections can end up either being a fleeting moment that you remember or turning into lifelong friendships, and that’s exciting. There’s a lot more beyond your doorstep, and you may find you connect more with those in Jual Tanah than those within your own town.

Having an understanding of another society also breaks down the naivety and attitude that some of those around you may have about others. Travelling certainly has its benefits, and this is one of them.

It’s A Chance For Education

Our formal education stops when we reach a certain age. Sure, one or two of us may continue with a Masters or a PhD, but university for many of us tends to be the cut-off point from education. Travel is the perfect opportunity though to dust off that education cap of yours and to get learning again. There’s so many historical events and monuments to explore, no matter where you visit. If you’re driven and committed, you can even try your hand at learning the language so that you can converse to some extent with the locals. Travel teaches you a lot more than school and university education can provide too. It can teach you politics, geography, history and sociology. It can encourage you to discover and use your initiative in new and exciting ways, and it doesn’t require an entrance exam to do it.

That’s why it’s important to always be travelling because no matter what your age, there’s always an opportunity to learn something new every day.

Great For Your Wellbeing

We can often get stuck in a rut or our wellbeing, in general, can often get to a point where we need a break. Even if that travel adventure is intense, rather than sitting on a beach all day, it’s still a break from the norm. Travel is good for your health and not only that but your mental health too. There’s nothing more satisfying than getting away and not having to think about your current situation back where you work or live. It’s a chance for you to officially switch off and to start living, making memories and having fun. Life is too short to be unhappy, and so you should make time to travel more often. Don’t just wait for one big holiday a year, try to take long weekends and save so that you can do more for you and your health. It should always come first!

It Gives You A Challenge

Think about travelling and whether you are flying to some unknown country for several hours on a plane or trying to work out where you are after your phone runs out of battery, it’s a challenge. Travel gives you the unknown and most important, the challenge of doing something that might be unexpected. We’ll often avoid stepping out of our comfort zone because the idea of being uncomfortable isn’t nice right? However, challenging yourself is only going to help you grow and benefit you in the long run. And with travelling, there are so many challenges that will crop up.

Travel Adds Value To Your Life

It’s a choice on whether we coast through life, not doing anything in particular or whether we grab every opportunity that comes our way. And there’s no right or wrong way to do it. However, what we choose to do can either add value to our life or not. Travel is something that gives you that value. Not only that but it helps you appreciate what you do have in your life, which is something we all tend to forget at some point. The money will always come from somewhere but memories are made and those memories can only be taken by grabbing life by the horns. Adding value to your life will reduce your chances of regret, and no one likes to be regretful of things in their life.

So what are you waiting for? It’s time to book your next adventure before it’s too late.