Cooking at Sea: How to Become a Cook in a Galley

Is it your dream to work on a cruise ship? If yes, you have to understand that applying for a job on a ship comes with its own set of challenges. One particular profession that can be difficult to apply for is the galley cook.

How to become a galley cook

If your passion is cooking and you want to work on a ship, perhaps becoming a galley cook is your vocation. There are several available galley hand offshore jobs that you can check online.

You should know that there are various kinds of cooks in this kitchen with varying levels of importance. If you’re just starting out as a cook, then you’ll have to start at the lowest rung of the galley ladder.

Here are some of the starting positions for people with minimal experience in a kitchen:

  • Cook  trainee
  • Cook assistant trainee
  • Storekeeper
  • Assistant storekeeper
  • Pastry man

You can apply for any of these positions depending on how much experience you have in working in a kitchen. Also, if your specialty is in baking, for instance, then you might be more suited for being a pastry man.

Kinds of galley cooks

chefs working

Meanwhile, listed below are the main job positions in the galley:

  • Party chef – A person with this title is in charge of managing party meals. If the ship is hosting a party or a special event, the party chef is responsible for figuring out the menu. If the event calls for a buffet type of dining, that also falls on this cook’s responsibility.
  • Second and third cooks – These individuals are responsible for assisting the first cook in preparing the meals for all of the people onboard the ship. They need to make sure that all ingredients of the meals are prepared for cooking. They take orders from the first cook.
  • First cook – The first cook is responsible for preparing the meals. On top of that, they also have the task of ensuring that the kitchen is in pristine condition. They take orders from the assistant chief cook and the chief cook.
  • Assistant chief cook – This individual is the second in command in the galley. They are in charge of making sure that the chief cook’s plans for the menu are carried out. They also work with the chief cook in figuring out what to include in the menu, as well as how to present each dish.
  • Chief cook – The chief cook is the head of the galley. In charge of coming up with the dishes for the menu, they are responsible for delegating every task to the people working in the galley. Also referred to as the executive cook, they are in this position precisely because of their vast experience working as a chef and the reputation they have gained for creating exquisite dishes.

If you want to be a cook in a galley, start with obtaining a degree in a reputable culinary school. Once you’re done with that, work in a restaurant for a couple of years. But if you want to start your career in a galley as soon as possible, then you can choose from the low-level jobs above and work your way up the ladder. With hard work and patience, you can be the head cook of your own galley.