Dating in Seattle: 3 Date Spots You Should Try

Vacations are integral to our formation as individuals. These recreational trips allow us to unwind from stress, explore places and cultures, and better immerse ourselves in our interests. The importance of these trips is especially highlighted when we enter romantic relationships since vacations also allow us to have fun and grow with our most special persons.

Now, when planning vacations, there are several considerations. Perhaps the two most important are the destination and the itinerary, considering there are many places to visit and things to do in them. One that doesn’t quite attract the spotlight but is a stunning location nonetheless is Seattle.

Here are the three (3) places that you can visit with your partner should you choose Seattle as your next destination.

Space Needle

Considered as the most iconic landmark of Seattle, the Space Needle is worth visiting for the history that it represents. A restaurant also sits at the topmost floor of the building, which makes it one of the most romantic dinner venues in the city as it combines a good view with a breathtaking 360-degree view of the city.

A pro tip if you include the Space Needle in your itinerary: booking a room in one of the many hotels close to Space Needle also makes it easier to access other parts of Seattle. There are the Chihuly Garden and Glass, Seattle Center, and Museum of Pop Culture nearby.

Pike Place Market

If you’re looking to visit more iconic tourist spots that offer every little bit of charm that Seattle has to offer, the Pike Place Market is a great destination for you and your partner. You can visit the fish market here where fish and other sea creatures are so fresh they’re still wiggling. A farmer’s market can also be found in Pike Place, alongside shops that offer the creations of local artisans.

Hungry from shopping? There are countless delis and restaurants in the marketplace, one of which is located on the waterfront. That is the legendary Athenian Seafood and Bar from Sleepless in Seattle (1993). Another noteworthy establishment is the original Starbucks that opened in 1971 a branch that has retained most of its original aesthetics to this very day.

Museum of Pop Culture

museum of pop culture
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Deafening silence, stuffy atmospheres, and snobbish people these are only a few of the many negative things people can talk about when museums are the topic of the conversation.

The same cannot be said for the Museum of Pop Culture. Established by Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen, the Museum of Pop Culture offers showcases every facet of popular culture that we have witnessed throughout the years. From technological inventions like video games and consoles through the decades to films, music, and literature of various genres.

Visiting the museum is a great way to look back at the past and ponder upon what the future can bring. It also holds numerous exhibitions that you and your partner can mull and bond over, all the while enjoying yourself in every showcase that you can approach.

Seattle is home to endless numbers of hidden gems. When planning a trip to this location, iconic tourist spots are only bonuses. What matters most is that your and your partner’s interests are kept in mind when making the itinerary. This is what makes the trip more worthwhile and enjoyable.