Enjoying your Birthdays as an Adult: It Is Possible!

Birthdays — they have always been a kind of celebration that most people look forward too because it is that one day of the year when they feel the most loved and most special.

As a kid, crossing out the dates leading to your birthday, planning your whole birthday party with your parents, and actually having all your friends and classmates in your home for a day of fun and food is definitely memorable. However, as one grows, people also see birthdays differently.

Then, when one becomes an adult, it suddenly becomes harder to enjoy your birthday. But, that should not always be the case. Planning a small but meaningful birthday party during your adulthood might be different from when you were a kid, but it can be as fun.

1. Have a cake — and eat it too!

Ready-made ice cream cakes, vegan birthday cakes, or your classic childhood favorites and more, should be able to make it to your party, no matter how small or big it is. Cakes are the center of every birthday party, and you definitely deserve one.

Plus, as an adult, you now have the liberty to choose the kind of cake that you want. Also, the cake business has never been so big which means you have all the kind of choices you can choose from depending on your preference, taste, and of course, budget.

2. Keep the circle small.

Your mom is probably a superwoman for handling 20 or so kids running around the house wanting to have a taste of the cake, eat food, find the toilet, open gifts, and more.

Fortunately, as an adult, your mom will not have to deal with such. So do you. Keeping your birthday parties intimate and small allows you to spend quality time with the people who matter most.

3. Be honest with what you want to do.

Group Of Families Celebrating Child's Birthday At Home

Everyone is different. Your sister might want to just spend a birthday at home, alone, watching Netflix and finishing a bag of chips. Your best friend’s idea of a perfect birthday might be celebrating in a posh hotel with all the people she knows.

Yours will also be different. It is important, to be honest with what you want to do and not be carried over with what people expect you to do. After all, it is your special day, so if you want to go to an off-road adventure, or go skinny dipping with your closest friends, then feel free to do so and enjoy.

4. Set a budget (just like every adult would).

Your birthday is the perfect excuse to live a YOLO kind of life. But this does not mean you should exhaust your retirement savings just to bring your squad to an all-expense paid European tour because that is your definition of a perfect birthday. Be a responsible adult and set aside a realistic budget that will allow you to enjoy your birthday without sacrificing your savings.

Who says birthday parties are only for kids? With the right planning and budget, you can enjoy your birthday parties as if you were a kid again.