Going on Your First Hike: Things You Need to Bring

Going on an adventure to the great outdoors is quite an exhilarating experience. However, knowing all the things that you need to bring can be confusing to rookies. After all, you can only carry the essentials with you during your outdoor adventure in the Haute Route in the Alps, for instance. So, how do you know which ones to bring on your hike?

To start, you need to create a checklist of everything that you will bring with you on your hiking trip. You also need to determine how far you plan to hike, and how remote the location will be. You also need to know the weather forecast during the day of your hike. Once you have all the information handy, you can now proceed with your hiking checklist.

Hiking Gear

One of the first things that you need to prepare is your hiking gear. Choose a bag that can hold at least 11 to 20 liters without getting damaged. This type of bag is just about perfect for short and easy hikes so that you will not get overwhelmed with the weight. However, you need a bigger bag if you need more food, water, gear and clothing for your trek.

Compass and Map

Compass and mapIt is a must to bring a map and a compass whenever you go on a hike. Using these tools help you determine the distance between you and the endpoint. It will also help you locate water, campsites and emergency routes in case anyone in your group encounters an accident. Although GPS units are great gadgets to bring, it is always best to bring a compass and a map with you as a backup.

Proper Clothing and Footwear

Expect that you will be hiking for several hours. So, wear appropriate footwear for your hike. Wear trail shoes if you are only in for a short day hike that does not involve too much packing. However, hiking boots can offer better support if you are carrying heavier loads or you are walking in much more technical terrain.

You should also check the weather forecast so that you will know what to wear during your hike. Prepare for a few extra pieces of clothing in case the weather changes, or there is an unplanned night out. It is also important to consider the protection that your clothes can provide against UV rays.

Food and Water

You need to pack snacks that you can eat while you are on the trail. It can be jerky, energy bars or nuts. Other people like to bring a sandwich with them for lunch. For water, it is best to bring at least two liters of water for each person. Doing so will give you enough water to last for a day. You can adjust the amount based on the intensity and length of the hike. You should also consider the weather condition as well as your age.

Hiking can be fun, especially if you do it in a foreign country. Make sure to bring all the essentials with you including your medication so you will not have any mishaps during your outdoor adventure.