No to Burnout: Steps to Take as a College Student

Burnout is quite common among extremely busy people, college students included. If you are not careful, you yourself might become a victim of it. Thankfully, it can be prevented. Start by following these healthy and helpful suggestions.

Take a Gap Year Beforehand

Much is expected from students. Because of these expectations, it is often frowned upon when one decides to take a break before enrolling in their first year. However, taking a gap year program in New Zealand may actually be better for you. It can become your breather in between and also help you re-orient yourself with your goals in academics, career, and life. If you are still on your way to college, this is an option that will bring you many benefits for the long-term.

Manage Your Workload

Upon entering your college years, there is always this pressure to take on everything that comes your way. After all, it can be considered your training for the real world. However, there is only so much that your body and mind can handle every day, and you are not exactly getting any younger. Set a healthy limit to the classes and extracurricular activities that you are going to take on for each day in each semester. This will help you stay on track for longer, much like how a long-distance runner manages their pacing.

Student studying

Make Time for Clear Breaks

Because it seems like the ultimate test of endurance and well, it sounds cool, students tend to glorify cramming sessions and all-nighters. Unfortunately, if you keep on doing this, it will eventually take a toll on your health and even your school performance. These activities also reinforce the bad habit of procrastination, which will not help you when you finally get a job or raise a family. It is best to do your work when you are supposed to and make time for actual breaks where you are not worrying about your deadlines at the back of your mind.

Take Care of Yourself

Another activity that is seen as an achievement by many college students is focusing on schoolwork while subsisting on minimal self-care. Some people even brag about running only on caffeine, while some boast about not taking a bath for a week. It might seem cool now, but again, it will take a toll on you later on if you keep this kind of lifestyle. Take the time to take care of yourself. Eat decent meals, take baths, and have a good sleep each night. Choosing to build healthy habits now will benefit you later in life, when you have your career and other responsibilities.

Burnout may be prevalent now that you are in college, but it can be prevented. The best way to do so is to learn to prioritise and work on what needs to be done while taking proper care of yourself. It may make some of your classmates see you as boring, but it will help you lead a fuller life after you graduate. Remember that your life does not stop at college.