Our Story

Where to begin? Here is a question most people ask when they decide to step out of the comfort zone and go off the beaten path.

Some would do it with a bang and go all in, leaving their 9-5 jobs and going straight to India, a backpacker rite of passage. Some would tread cautiously, starting with weekend trips to nearby backcountry spots. Some don’t leave their careers at all and still find ways to quench their wanderlust. However, if you want to feed your global soul, My Travel Backpack is your introspective and hands-on tour guide.

From ultralight packing tips to tales of adventure and personal reflection, My Travel Backpack is your portable guide for seeing the world and living out of a backpack. From the unpleasant to the astounding, the trivial to the spiritual, we share stories and advice that will inspire your adventurous spirit.

We hope that our stories inspire you to find your adventure.


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