Top Fishing Destinations in the US

Fishing is an activity that requires a lot of patience, timing, knowing how to spot fish, and skill and strength to reel the catch in. The U.S. has a lot of destinations for those who want to catch fish. The states on this list have varied species for those who want to catch a certain kind or try other destinations they haven’t been to.

Here are some of the fishing destinations to consider for your trip.

Kobuk River, Alaska

For those looking for a challenge, make your way to the waters of the 200 miles long Kobuk River in Alaska. This region is home to chum salmon, arctic grayling, arctic char and the rare sheefish. The latter is approximately one yard long and is one of the fastest and strongest fish in the state.

You’ll need the experience to catch and reel one in. If you’re planning salmon fishing trips in Alaska, be sure to include this destination.

Thousand Islands, New York

When one thinks of New York, the first thing that comes to mind is the concrete jungle surrounded by skyscrapers. However, the state also has a good fishing destination near Lake Ontario along the St. Lawrence River. Here you’ll find more than 1000 islands teeming with walleye, bass, salmon and others.

The ideal time to go fishing is summer when there are more fish to catch. You can go on a guided tour or on your own.

Chesapeake Bay, Maryland

The bay’s brackish water is an ideal home for crabs and striped bass. It is also one of the most famous fishing spots in the country. Chesapeake has more than a hundred tributary rivers connected to it. Other than the famous Maryland crabs and striped bass, you can catch other fish such as flounder, bluefish, drum and croaker, just to name a few.

Florida Keys, Florida


The southern part of Florida is a top-notch fishing destination where recreational fishers can catch some redfish, snook, bonefish and others in the backcountry. However, the real draw of this place is the waters of the Atlantic Ocean.

Bring your own boat or rent one to explore and catch premier fish such as the swordfish, blue marlin, sailfish and white marlin.

Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts

This beautiful seaside spot not only has beautiful views but is also a famous fishing destination. Its waters are home to fish such as the false albacore or albies, the striped bass and the bonito. Pick a spot along the shore or the beach and throw your hook and sinker in. You can also rent a boat to go further out to catch rare fish.

Indian Creek, Alaska

Multitudes of pink salmon make their way to this part of Alaska in the months from July to August. These fish fill the stream and make it easy for you to catch and reel them in. The pink salmon weigh around five pounds and approximately 20 inches long.

If you want to go fishing, these are some of the places to consider adding to your itinerary. These are not only fishing destinations, but also provide visitors with beautiful views.