Why Australia is the Vacation Destination Spot You’re Missing

Okay, we get it. Daydreaming over making wanderlust a reality once again is the closest we’ll get to getting to the other side of the globe. BUT… when the pandemic is over, that bucket list better be as ready as tourist spots will ever be because it’s just a matter of time before everyone finds a reason to sprint to the airport.

I’m thinking of the perfect vacation, and warm sunshine on my face while sipping my favorite rosé for brunch is at the top of my list. That, while wearing a beautiful straw hat with one of those black French ribbons on it and nibbling on small bites of linguine with an oyster and white wine cream sauce while listening to my fave Spotify playlist. Can you hear the waves now?


The City of Lights, with its baguettes and quaint bistros serving dark roast coffee, may be unparalleled, but sun, sand, and sea are irreplaceable. And beach weather is the Australian way of life. What better way to enjoy yourself than soaking in the sunshine as you stroll along the beach?

Here are our top reasons you’d want to experience #foreversummer in Australia:

Gorgeous swimwear is your OOTD

When it’s summer the whole year round and the beach is just right around the corner, swimwear is the perfect go-to outfit. With different designs and cuts available for all body types, who wouldn’t want to mix and match pieces? There are pieces and brands now that can double as athleisure or streetwear. A maillot can double as a tank top or body-hugging camisole, only sweat-wicking and a bit slinkier. Pair it with jeans, shorts, a skirt, or even wear a sheer dress over it—you name it, YOU. WILL. LOOK. GOOD. Go from day to night in your swimwear with an LBD, beach waves, gold jewelry, strappy heels, and a bit of highlighter. Glam beach look is the vibe we’re aiming for here.

Australian cuisine is a meat lover’s dream

Although Australian cuisine has yet to make a mark on the global gastrosphere, it is famous for its seafood, grilled meats, and big-cut steaks. Australians take their surf-and-turf quite seriously.

Australian food culture thrives on its diverse background—the land Down Under’s cuisine is a mix of Asia Pacific and Western flavors. From trout to lamb to kangaroo meat, your good ol’ Tomahawk steak won’t have to feel so obscure in a spread as such. Did we mention that you’ll also find casual steak joints by the beach? Apparently, this is a normal thing in Australia.

Now all you’ll need is that fragrant glass of red, and you’re all set. Reverse Wine Snob’s Jon Thorsen recommends Mrs. Q’s Cab with its spicy and deep cherry notes to cap off that carnivorous menu.

It’s a favorite destination among cruises

Give your usual trip an upgrade by treating yourself to an Australian cruise. Sure, flying by air is faster, but a cruise is called a cruise for a reason. Not only will you get to savor your here-and-now moment and enjoy the amenities of your cruise, but you will also get a multicultural experience from the places you will visit.

In an Australian cruise, there are activities for the art aficionado, the urban dweller, and the nature lover, to name a few. Want to explore your options? Turn to travel agencies that review Azamara club cruises and other luxurious cruises that visit Australia. If you have cash—and time—to spare, Australia, with its beautiful ports and stunning architecture, is worth the trip.

Their street art is insane

woman carrying her luggage in the airport

If urban art is more your thing, we recommend adding spotting street art in Melbourne to your Aussie bucket list.

The city’s history, with its artists, is quite interesting, actually. When the city government decided that working with artists is the solution to their growing graffiti problem, the legalization of areas for street art allowed for more artists to develop and grow their work. From Cubist-inspired themes to vintage-looking ‘80s graffiti to scenes you would only see in a horror film, Melbourne street art is vibrant, entertaining, and thought-provoking. Been wanting to make an Instagram-worthy profile picture that will make you look effortlessly artsy and cool? Just stand against one of their murals and see instantly how your photo comes to life online.

For more information on Melbourne street art, read Carol Guttery’s post An Insanely Thorough Guide to Melbourne Street Art and Graffiti in her blog, Wayfaring Views.

When it comes to planning a perfect vacation, you may think of Paris, Las Vegas, and other beautiful cities and countries. But the land Down Under has so much to offer—it’s worth a visit after the pandemic.