Top Gear You Need For Backpacking

Backpacking can be fun and exciting, however, it is certainly a trip that you need to be prepared for. This is why we have put together a list of some of the essential that you need to get ticked off before you head off on your adventure: 

A Decent BackPack 

Unfortunately, you can’t just pick up any old backpack when it comes to a backpacking trip. You need it to be reliable, big enough, and comfortable. You need to consider things like the amount of equipment you need to carry, your size as it can affect the size of bag you can carry, and the material that is used (is it water-resistant). One of the most important factor to consider is the fit of the bag. 


You may be planning on backpacking and staying in hostels, however, there is something quite magical about staying in a tent or makeshift shelter. Do some research into the best tents for camping for one or two people, you want to look for things like durability, ease of setting it up, and the weight as you will be carrying it. You will also want to find yourself a good sleeping bag and sleeping pad. 

Travel Insurance 

You cannot forget about travel insurance such as one sure insurance when you are going on a trip like this. It’s important for you to consider the activities that you are going to be doing while backpacking and how long you are going to be away, ensure that your insurance is aware and actually provides the cover that you need. 

Water Filtration System

This is one of the most important bits of gear that you will take. It’s something that will help you to have clean water wherever you are. You still need to take extra precautions and use neutralisers and avoid water in some locations but one of these is great when you are in a bit of a pickle, and can often save you from carrying around a huge amount of water. 

First Aid Kit

No standard first aid kit will suit every backpacker they are quite personal pieces of kit for different types of trip. Make sure you have the essential like plasters, antiseptic wipes, and medication and build on it from there. If you have to take certain medication make sure it’s in date and you have enough for your trip ahead. 

Cooking Equipment

Now you don’t want to be taking a huge amount fo cooking gear with you. You are best getting yourself a small cooking stove with a mini propane canister and then using the specially designed pots that you can use with them. They are small and lightweight which makes them easy to pack and carry. You then need to think about clever things that you can cook using this equipment, things like dried pasta packets that you add water to are great for backpacking. 

This is certainly not an extensive list, however, it will get you on the right track to gather all the essential gear that you need for any backpacking trip. What do you always pack when you go backpacking?