Why Choose a Magical Forest Wedding

Weddings are always magical. To match the enchanted vibe of the event, there’s nothing more perfect than hearing the birds sing, seeing the sunlight passing through the canopy of trees, feeling the slight humming of the wind, and smelling the morning dew. An outdoor wedding is the best choice for couples who want to be one with the world on their special day.

Outdoor events tend to have an organic feel to them, considering the fact that the elements of the venues are created mostly by nature itself. In contrast to man-made structures, there is little to do when dressing up the place. The venue is beautiful as it is. Plus, the ceremony must respect the natural space by not defiling it with harmful decorations.

When it comes to outdoor weddings, there are states which you can consider as the top outdoor wedding destinations. It includes the state of California. Although Southern California has numerous beach spots that make a great wedding backdrop, the region also boasts a sea of trees where you can say “I do” to your beau. Other than the woodland setting, Southern California has delectable wedding catering, experienced coordinators, and tasteful event stylists.

From an exceptional pool, you can find wedding suppliers whose vision matches yours. They will ensure that you’ll get a stress-free day with the help of their top of the line services. So, when the day comes, all you’ll need to do is light up the place with your love sparks for that extra dash of the mystic. If the above reasons are not enough, here is a list of reasons why you choose a forest wedding:

You can bring your advocacy to light

A forest wedding can give your guests a first-hand experience of being close to nature. Of course, the spotlight will still shine over your matrimony, but you can share that light with your advocacy as a couple. You can use your wedding as a platform to share the importance of planting trees. In your wedding registry, you can include an option where your guests can donate a tree to a tree-planting program of your chosen NGO.

You can have the most amazing backdrop for photos

Newly weds getting photographedEvery angle is a perfect shot when it comes to a forest wedding. As mentioned above, it doesn’t take much to decorate the space for your outdoor ceremony. The same can be said about the reception. You can choose to hold it in a giant tipi or you can dine under the stars and be illuminated by fairy lights. For sure, your guests will have fun taking pictures of the venue.

You can have a more relaxed wedding

Outdoor weddings are more relaxed than indoor ones because guests are not housed inside an overwhelming structure. Generally, people feel freer outside, especially in the midst of nature. Furthermore, a forest venue tends to be more spacious, making it breathable than the indoor option. There is more space for guests to relax and socialize.

You can enjoy a playful wedding menu

Celebrating your wedding outdoors can give you the option to have a more exciting wedding menu. Think of craft beer, barbecue, and s’mores on top of the more traditional wedding dishes. All that, as you listen to the live performance of your favorite local folk band.

Your wedding is your own special day. Celebrate it where you, as a couple, feel most comfortable in.