How to Make Your Small Condo Look Bigger Than it Really Is

Condo living in the Philippines is currently in demand due to its convenience and affordability. Besides, who wouldn’t want to live near the central business district while paying an affordable monthly rent, right? You don’t have to suffer from a long, dreaded commute and you’ll have more time to spend for yourself and for your family. Those two benefits alone spells “less to no stress at all.”

Like with most people living in condos, however, their relatively smaller space is giving them the same old problem — they do not have enough space to make their unit work to their advantage. This is the reason why today, we will give you enough tips to keep that condo in Alabang that’s for sale looking big and spacious.

1. Keep the Clutter Out

The more clutter you keep inside your unit, the smaller it will look. Avoid hoarding and throw everything that you do not need and use anymore. If some of it can be saved, then go ahead and donate them to your relatives or the charity. You’ll be hitting two birds with one stone because you will be clearing your space up, while helping the ones that are in need.

Take note, though, this applies to everything inside your condo — clothes, shoes, furniture, books, and everything else you can see and think of.

2. Paint Those Walls

If you already own the condo, then go ahead and repaint those walls. If the unit has darker hues, then make sure to repaint it with lighter and more neutral hues. This will cheer up the atmosphere and make it look lighter and bigger than it is. Neutral hues also allow the light to bounce off it, creating an illusion of a bigger and tidier space.

a couple moving to a new place

3. Keep the Natural Light In

Open those windows up and let the natural light in. Light makes any room look bigger and more spacious. If you are facing a wall and the light doesn’t usually hit your windows, then feel free to get creative with your artificial lighting. Keep every room properly lit and make sure to use the right type of light for each one.

You would also want to install a layered lighting scheme that includes accent, general, and task lighting.

4. Buy Multifunctional Furniture

This might be the oldest trick in the book, but it definitely is effective. When buying your condo’s furniture, make sure to get the ones that are multifunctional. Think of that chair that you saw that can double up as a storage as well. You can also buy a sofa bed so you can accommodate guests if you ever need to.

Tables that have lots of compartments and smaller cabinets are also helpful, especially if you have a couple of smaller stuff that you need to store somewhere.

You can also try asking some of your friends and family for advice regarding this matter. If you want or need professional help for making your condo look bigger, then contact an interior designer right away!