Choosing Your Hotel Is Just As Important As The Destination

Everybody loves summer for two specific reasons; cooling off and going on extravagant vacations, both options which have become increasingly possible with the world slowly opening up. However, despite our dreams of traveling like a celebrity this 2021, one grievous mistake that most newbie travel enthusiasts tend to make is settling for a bad hotel without the slightest idea of the repercussions this will have on their travelogue.

What’s worse, an issue with your hotel is a problem that’s easily avoidable with proper planning and insight beforehand. Still, once you set foot in the room and check-in, there’s very little you can do afterward to help salvage the entire fiasco. And so, today, we’ve made it our mission to get to the bottom of this prevalent challenge concerning young adventurers, decipher why they might happen in the first place, and what you can do to prevent it from ever happening again in the future.

You’re Focused Way Too Much On The Destination

If you haven’t realized it by now, the single-most infamous reason as to why you ended up overlooking such a big flaw in your travel plans is because you were just way too focused on the destination and the activities yet to happen. And while there’s nothing inherently wrong with this type of mindset, it does put you at risk of being too naive with certain decisions and, as a result thereof, find yourself in a not-so-pleasant room to stay in for the next five days.

  • Booking The Cheapest Option Available: Look, we understand the notion of trying to save as much as possible when traveling because you want to save all that extra moolah for more fun activities. However, if saving comes at the compromise of booking the cheapest available hotel, then don’t expect to be greeted with a five-star accommodation because the price should speak for itself.
  • Very Undesirable Location For Your Itinerary: Another terrible disadvantage you might soon find yourself experiencing with a bad hotel is the fact that it might not be best suited for your planned itinerary. Yes, it’s right where you wanted to be, but it’s such a far-flung region that getting to the central area where all the fun happens proves to be a lot more stressful than you first imagined.
  • Overlooking Crucial Online Reviews: Lastly, a dead giveaway that should clearly tell you to cross off the hotel from your list is reading through the online reviews, but out of all the excitement and fun filling your head, it’s totally possible to overlook such a crucial detail. Sadly, the second you do notice the predicament you’ve placed yourself in, you try to convince yourself that it can’t be that bad, but nine times out of ten, the worst-case scenario has a way of tugging on the heartstrings.

So, Do Your Due Research Before Concluding On Where To Stay

Therefore, with all the reasons stated above, it should be pretty clear that you must do your due research before making any finalizations on where to stay and even more so actually booking the room for when you travel. Remember, information and being knowledgeable is the best tool at your disposal, so don’t let those brain juices go to waste and let them help you prepare for the best vacation your mind can imagine.

#1 See If It’s In A Central Location Perfect For Your Travel Plans

Number one, we strongly recommend that you double-check if whether the hotel you’re thinking about booking is in a central location that matches up with your travel plans or is a bit too far out to get anything done. The last thing you’d want to happen is to be super hungry and ready to eat out, only to discover three minutes later that the hotel doesn’t have any nearby restaurants other than an old convenience store down the street.

hotel room

#2 Find Out If The Establishment Is Well-Equipped With Amenities

Number two, comfort and relaxation, are the two most important qualities you want to find inside a hotel, so we suggest that you go over both the website information and honest online reviews to find if the establishment is well-equipped with the proper amenities. We know just how important a good shower can be after an exhausting day of going to and from landmarks, and you don’t want to be the guy ringing up the front desk because the shower stopped working mid-bath.

#3 Cross Reference Prices To Get The Best Deal

Number three, while we’ve somehow made it sound like good hotels are difficult to find, there are actually plenty out there, and you’ll soon need to cross-reference their prices and benefits to get yourself the best deal. Sure, you could splurge on this weekend getaway, but it’s a lot more financially sound and wise to cut back on your vacation expenses without having to compromise any of the fun you intend to have while outside.

A Breathtaking Trip Needs A Good Hotel To Back It Up

Overall, we believe that any plans for a breathtaking trip deserve a good hotel to back up all your adventures. So, don’t go out there settling for less and put in the responsible amount of time and effort about all the hotels available for stay.